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10th Nov 2014, 12:44
Hiho everyone,
I've thought about the matchmaking and due to my last ames i would like to propose an idea about finding a game. The devs could add the option for some sort of filters, regarding the match you want to find. 1 Filter of course is the Server location which is already implemented, but there could be others like "not getting back into games i voluntarily left" or "not playing with/against max lvl players", just to name 2 that i would like the most. This would make it easier ,especially for newer players to find a match where they are more likely to not get crushed by more experienced players. There could be more options for filters but atm i cant think of any other than those 2, which are rly needed.

Second suggestion is to implement "Ultra Low Settings", which i think were already talked about here in the forum, so that players without high-end-pc's can also have a better game. I for example have to play on my laptop cause i simply dont have a PC and even with a game booster, closing all other applications, edited config file, etc. i can get a max fps 22, which is never constant so that i normally have to play with around 13 fps. Also my internet modem makes it impossible for me to get a better ping than 80-100. But i still want to play this game, cause its really good and beautifully made(except the few bugs we all know off xD also the MM... but hey this game is in beta ^^) so i would like to have the option to play it with less good graphics but at least a normal gameplay.

I hope that the devs will think about these suggestions. ^^
Greetings, Nurgor