View Full Version : Final Fantasy On GOG.com

8th Nov 2014, 19:36
I first want to ask that the moderators do not move this post into the 'Final Fantasy For PC and Steam' thread, because I think this topic deserves a thread of it's own. If Steam get's it's own thread, then so should GOG.com.

There are many gamers out there that hate using Steam to buy their games, and would like to make their voice heard. There are simply not enough Square-Enix games (primarily Final Fantasy) on GOG.com, and I can't see why this is the case. Square-Enix could easily release all of the classic Final Fantasy titles (excluding the DS remakes) and make a ton of money in the process!!

So far Square-Enix has finished remastered versions for Final Fantasy 1, 2, 4, 5 & 6 (excluding the DS version of FF3) and so far NONE of these titles can be found on GOG.com. Make your fans happy and start releasing them on GOG.com!