View Full Version : Nosgoth - Class Warfare video: Reaver

7th Nov 2014, 16:58
Hi everyone!

We're kicking off a brand new video series for Nosgoth, and we're calling it Nosgoth - Class Warfare. In this new video series we'll be taking you through each class, introducing them to new players, and showcasing the different weapons, abilities, and skins, available within the game.

For this first video, we're showing off Clan Dumahim's Reaver, a swift predator with a penchant for pouncing:


We hope you enjoyed this video, and stay tuned as we release a new one each week!

7th Nov 2014, 17:12
A pretty cool video! Looking forward to watching you showcase the rest. Will you be keeping them up-to-date once more skills get introduced into the game?

P.S.: [Evasion] and slow motion look like a match made in heaven.

7th Nov 2014, 17:18
Great video!

7th Nov 2014, 17:25
Nice vid. Typo at the end: "Clan Dunahim"

7th Nov 2014, 17:30
Pretty nice video! One thing though, there is a typo at 3:30, it says Clan Dunahim, not Dumahim... EDIT: just seen that Aevum spotted it too :D

11th Nov 2014, 20:01
Great video!

Tho I've noticed few fails:
- prophet with hunter's voice 0:40
- Pounce icon while showing off Shadowstep ability 2:30