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7th Nov 2014, 16:32
Im not a native speaker so I apologize in advance for my grammar.
At the end of the match when statistics was shown i noticed that i had received a mysterty item "abduct" for the sentinel class. But when i returned to lobby and than checked my inventory i didn't find anything new there.

http://s010.radikal.ru/i312/1411/90/2a68304b7e20t.jpg (http://radikal.ru/fp/6c279622b1194a009ff498b45391e45d)

7th Nov 2014, 17:18
Everything seems fine to me. The game had a look at your nickname, reconsidered and decided to play a sick joke on you ;)

On a serious note, if you truly can't find it in your inventory I'm assuming you might need to raise a ticket and provide time stamp for when the incident occurred. See what other options people suggest, but other than that I'd go ahead and raise a support ticket (and if the core of the problem is found and explained - also report a bug).

7th Nov 2014, 17:47
Emm... If you are talking about "Ebola guy' - it isn't my nickname.. Well.. It seems to me that i don't understad how does the loot distribution system works.
I thought, that the picture/icon of my opponet (any other player) and an item near his steam account icon means that i get the item from him, cause i'v killed him more often then anyone else.. Am I right?)
Or it means that he (Ebola guy) is the only person from the two teams who achieved something? (it looks like im an enormouse dumb:mad2:)

8th Nov 2014, 08:13
Oh, that explains it.

Sorry to disappoint you Someonefromoblivion, but you didn't get any items as a reward. When you see someone's name next to an item icon, that means that they are the ones who got it, not you.

For future reference, let me explain how the loot system works:
At the end of the match every player has a random chance of getting an item, no matter how they performed. You don't get items from other players, for killing certain amount of people of for winning a certain number of games. The game itself gives you an item, you just have to play and wait for the luck to be on your side.

8th Nov 2014, 11:11
Thank you for your explanation!)