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7th Nov 2014, 03:51
Hi everyone.
I got one suggestion that I want to share. It's very uncomfortable for me (& I think, for most players) to write issues and tickets on the forum only. So, how about to make an In-Game Feedback? So players could write their issues right at the game, and get a quick response. I saw it in many other MMO projects, so why not to adopt this experience?

7th Nov 2014, 07:25
I'll have to agree with this, I've always felt the best design is when all player reporting, bug reporting, and feedback can be done solely in game without needing to use forums. It's not so bad for nosgoth because of the steam web browser (having to alt tab out of a game to open a browser to go to their forums is annoying) but I'd still rather be able to report everything in the game itself.