View Full Version : New Warband - Sybils of Kain (NA-based)

6th Nov 2014, 21:34
Hey everyone! I wanted to let you know that once the actual Warbands go into effect, I had reserved the name for my own Warband, Sybils of Kain. It's based around the lore of the Vampire Cult during the Soul Reaver era, where a band of humans worshiped Kain and his Lieutenants and their clans, so sort of a play on both Vampire and Human factions.

All that said, you don't have to be a fan of the original series or even know what any of that mumbo jumbo up there meant. We'll be a group based on the goal of simply having a whole lot of fun, and if we get to be good enough to compete in the ESL, then all the better! It's certainly something that I myself would like to do, but I'm only a babby multiplayer gamer, so I won't put any pressure on that part of it just yet. ;D Basically if you want to have fun, come play with us!

As well, the name has some significance in that "Sybils" were a predominantly female class of oracles from regular-old Earth mythology. That, plus the fact that the Vampire Cult were run by Priestesses, were all kept in mind when I tried to come up with my Warband name and theme because I wanted to make something that was friendly toward female gamers like myself and my sister and most of my friends. It can be a scary place sometimes for us ladies in the competitive gaming world, and I wanted to create a group that was welcoming and encouraging for us and our male friends to play in. You don't have to have lady parts to join, you just have to believe in playing in a non-threatening, all-welcoming environment, regardless of how your body and/or your brain is wired, binary, androgynous, trans, and anything else you identify as.

My sister and best friend and I are based in the US, but I work evenings and so don't usually get to play often until after 1AM Central Time, so the times line up pretty conveniently for any in the EU or Oceanic sides who don't mind dealing with the high ping if we use a US server.

If you're interested, my name on steam is hellsing_mongrel but it shows up as Kaininite Priestess.