View Full Version : Couple of small related bugs not sure why hasnt been fixed

12th Oct 2015, 05:16
So I just bought life is strange for the Xbox360 and I noticed a couple of small but annoying bugs for one in episode one when you enter your dorm and look the post-it note it displays the wrong caption the caption is --hard to belive Im 18 now. I'm lucky my parents enabled my photo habbit into adulthood.-- and the same caption appears when you open the drawer underneath the box of cookies but the --Looks like dania left me a post-it note-- audio still plays im pretty sure that somehow these are running the same on activate script or something or they got corrupted durring encytion or compression idk I dont know that much about making games or code and stuff thats why I play your games anyways I know that its not a really big bug or anything but that means it could be patched out in like 5 min right? right? I hope this helps also some extra info that you might need.... maybe

--I bought the base game for $4.99 off the Xbox live market
--I also have the season pass
--installed them both immedately after purchase
--they where put onto my hardrive
--installed in southern arizona (in case its a server thing or something like I said I wouldnt know)

if there is any more information please feel free to contact me at the email I used to make this accout 5 min ago thanks

P.S. sorry If this has allready been reported there is alot of bug reports and I didn't wanna go through all of them..... I wanna finish the game xD