View Full Version : Class spefic perks

6th Nov 2014, 03:50
A couple years back relic released a game named space marine and I really enjoyed the multiplayer part of it.

One thing that it did differntly was that there were global perks which everyone could use and class specific perks that allowed for another level of customization you can't get with things like 10% more ammo or 20"% climb speed.

I think it would be great to see that come to nosgoth, having the natural armor perk for the tyrant that soaks up some damage for him or having that free climbing ability that everyone wants to see for the deceiver be a perks for him. Give the reaver that tongue that they have in SR as a perkso that he can execute from a distance. Have the alchemist explode upon dying, have the prophet's blood heal less hp when executed because she poisoned it. Have the sentinel have one that allows him to fly stationnary.

I think that it would add for a great variety to the game as I feel that the current perks are too general and kinda dull. Or better yetm add a second perk slot so that we can have one general and one specific.

6th Nov 2014, 14:36
while it would screw with balance probably i would love a 2nd perk slot with class specific perks