View Full Version : Having problems with Noscam

5th Nov 2014, 11:41
Cant use the thing right the way it is ... all of they binding keys are NONE by default . I tried to press the default button to let automatically set all the buttons back to defualt ofc... and yet it all they keys r still appear as none .

When i replacing them with any keys . It still didnt work in noscam mode ( like toggle hud , map , .. ) . And btw , sometimes when spectating a deceiver , most of the time when he uses Illusions , the camera always locked to the clones , not the real one ...

5th Nov 2014, 12:32
Try to make sure (if it's not) that Nosgoth is being run with admin privileges.

5th Nov 2014, 14:58
u mean run the game as admin ? nah , didnt work but i found the problems though , after re-installed Nosgoth . I go in and every binding keys , graphics settings are still the same . So i think it probably the config files i edited long ago before noscam even release yet . Del it then re-launch the game and it worked ;)

5th Nov 2014, 15:03
Glad to hear it.