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4th Nov 2014, 19:16
I know the purpose of the perk is to enhance the speed of humans to better compete with the fledglings of Kains lieutenants.

But it enhances the speed to a degree were sprinting humans can outrun any normal melee attacks from the vampires. I have experienced a lot of fights were you kill off all the vampire hunters except one, following then happens:

A: The Whole vampire team chases him from one end of the map to the other, constantly trying rip the life out of the mortal body one punch at the time, only to see their claws running right through the air from smoke trails after his boots. They keep chasing this fleeing 'hunter' only to get slaughtered by the human team coming their fleeing brother to aid.

B: The vampire team ignores the human, tries to feed to heal and prepare for the next fight, only to get slaughtered by the remaining human.

C: The vampires do not feed, nor do they give chase to this super sprinter.. so they survive but are very badly off to next engagement.

These are the scenarios i see on the battlefield, and if all humans can outrun the vampire teams regular attack, and are only vulnerable to their powers it kinda beats the purpose of melee vs range.

I suggest lowering % just enough to give the attacking vampires a chance to actually catch up. Either that or add Benny Hill's Theme to the perk, activating when sprinting of course.

If any one is in doubt what the Benny Hill theme is here's a link:


4th Nov 2014, 19:57
Melee + dodge is faster than a fleet footed sprint, at least as a reaver therefore its easy to catch up. Additionally once you landed a melee he just gets slowed enough to land melees consecutively....

5th Nov 2014, 13:54
ill just let him go and eat foods . Didnt see much low hp fleet footed humans come back to pick up vamps . Because ... they are low on hp...

5th Nov 2014, 14:05
Mouse 1 + Dodge = Counter to Fleet Footed.

I use FF on my Scout and good vampires have no problem catching me.