View Full Version : Prophet party invincible

4th Nov 2014, 16:37
So I was playing against a party of 2 level 40 prophets with the healing skill.
We lost 30-0 because every time you hit somebody as a vampire they would heal him and then heal themselves mutually so the whole human team was invincible.

And its quite the same with Tyrants when you have a party of 4 tyrants synchronized, you can't do anything.

There is a real inequality between party players and no party players.

Please make something about it.

4th Nov 2014, 16:44
parties vs no parties issues should be fixed (mostly) after matchmaking is fixed team stacking (4 of one class) is counter-able tyrants are weak against alchys/hunters (with bola) (or a good warbow scout if tyrants jump), the prophet thing is counter-able by focusing on the prophet or using a sent to carry them off, hope this helps

4th Nov 2014, 16:54
It sounds like the underlying issue is premade vs pug. 4 people in a premade with voice chat are gonna wreck a pug almost all the time. What you are describing was certainly a premade. The matchmaking will help make that an issue of the past.