View Full Version : Game crashes on log in

11th Oct 2015, 17:21
My CM16 installs but on Facebook log in the game totally crashes and the only way to clear the screen is to power off. Please advise.

If the issue persist, please provide the below information in this thread:

Is this the first time you are launching the app?

Has the app ever successfully launched?
If yes, did it work before a recent update?

Device you are playing on
Cyclone voyager

OS you are playing on
iOS or Android

OS Version currently installed on your device
Example: Android 4.2.2

My game installs but crashes on Facebook log in and the only way to clear the screen is by powering off. Please advise.

14th Oct 2015, 16:39
Hi Steve,

Thanks for reporting this. We're looking into this - I believe there may have been a slew of crashes associated with the Facebook Login in particular very recently. We made some changes, but could you let us know if you're still experiencing the issue?