View Full Version : SENTINEL Sentinel controls:

4th Nov 2014, 12:08
I've just started trying to level up my Sentinel after avoiding that class for a while and I think the controls could work a bit better.

Trying to drop out of flight using the dodge button is very unreliable. It's very easy to accidentally press the button again and re-enter flight mode when you don't want to. Would it not be better to have it so that as long as the button is held, the sentinel will fall and releasing it again will enter flight mode? For the times when you're first taking off, simply tapping it would have the same effect since tapping still ends with releasing the button. Alternatively, I don't think the jump button actually does anything when in the air, so you could potentially use that for fall and keep fly on a different button.

The sentinel is also a bit of a sitting duck while he's in the air, so why not add a dodge (like a spinning thing) while he's in the air and move "enter flight" over to the attack (or jump depending on what happens with the previous paragraph) button which doesn't have a use during flight.

If the sentinel would hover while in the air whenever you're not pressing forward key/stick, that would make him much easier to control. It would not make him overpowered though because the onus would be on the player to keep moving in order to avoid get killed very quickly.

I think giving the player extra responsibilities to keep him alive (by keeping moving and not hovering for too long) would easily balance out the benefits that having finer control over his movement would provide. While it would be easier to learn the basics, it would be harder to become an expert at using him as you'd have all kinds of timing to master.