View Full Version : "Execution" and "Evolved skins" for humans?

3rd Nov 2014, 23:25
Is something planned for the little cattle people of this world

There has been a lot of vampire love since release them having more alternate skins and different animation when will my hunter be wearing a old battle damaged armor have a missing eye and a gray unkempted beard. Also I know that humans don't have executions but maybe give them some kind of cleansing ritual move that you can do on a vampire corpse that gives you a little extra exp. Alchemist could burn the corpse to make sure it doesn't come back, hunter could use the useless sword that he carries around and never uses to behead the thing prophet could slice her own veins and make a circle of blood around the corpse for some unknown purpose, no idea for the scout.

Point is vampires classes tend to level a little bit faster because of the extra exp thay can get from execution so the humans should have a way to get that little extra exp too and get new animations in the process.

4th Nov 2014, 00:48
The ‘Evolved Skins’ for Humans are “coming soon” (I think) according to the leveling section of the armory page. Hopefully they’re as epic as the Vampire skins. Having a middle aged battle scarred Hunter with a beard would be awesome! Yes please.

Your ideas for the executions are great, spot on. The Hunter one poses a problem though, as only one of the skins has a sword… a shame really. It should be on all the skins. Hunters should equip a sword when they run out of ammunition (which has happened to me at times). I often have more fun playing Humans, and Vampires do seem to get a little more love. This would be great to balance things.