View Full Version : question can I distract enemies and AI learning?

11th Oct 2015, 08:26
Can enemies in the game be distracted so you can perform stealthy skills as it would be good to examine what the guards do? And do the AI learn in the game? So every save game you wont know what the Ai will do so you get a new experience each time you play?

They adapt to your skills and learn so combat is not so repetitive. :)

Here is review on the AI
Onto the next sore spot: the A.I. Now with a world so massive, I understand that there are going to be some fallbacks, especially in the A.I department. But with that said, there were more than plenty of moments where the A.I just did not do their job.

First off, a lot of the enemies I came across felt too robotic. Too often could I see the opposing forces on their own set path. Yet when I interrupted them from their set path, it was clear how straightforward their movement was. They would move at awkward angles, sometimes taking sharp 90 degree turns like a machine moving on a track. At that, they often chose the worst options available. Instead of flanking, they would sit in the open waiting to be shot. Instead of moving from their spot after being found, they would sit comfortably where they were. There were just too many times when the A.I acted in such a way that any immersion was utterly broken.
Prime example of when the stealth isn’t up to par.

Outside of combat, patrolling enemies might as well be hawkeye soldiers, or moving sacks of potatoes. There is rarely any in between. I am either seen from across the building and barely in sight; or never noticed when standing right beside someone. How the A.I reacts to the player character when in stealth has often been rightly mocked. If you carry a large object around with you, they cannot see the character regardless of the now walking vending machine. To create a truly immersive game, Mankind Divided’s developers will hopefully spend just a tad more time tweaking their A.I.