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11th Oct 2015, 06:19
This game has alot of positives especially with its level design maps and its very rich story telling like in fallout 4 and combat though RPG.

But would this be the game to get or to get another game with a big game world and also RPG and shooter? Its open world city so you can venture any where you want. So exploration is huge for this modern shooting game.

Its environment is destructible also and have day and night cycles but from what I have seen Deus is more in depth with its features.

One thing with the other game is that it open world and developer will be expanding it if it becomes a hit when its release. But with Deus ex Mankind once you know the story will you want to play it again?

How many hours could you put in the game? Would it be that after 40h you done it all? For $60 you can play the other open world game even after it ends but also not sure how long it will last. Deus Ex might be longer because of how open the story is.

But I like complex missions instead of just do this and that and you get rewards so Mankind wins on this area. And just how many mission will there be? If inspiration is taken from games like fallout 4 then can you expect the missions to be just as long and detailed? does anyone know just how many?

Because its the mission that keeps you engage and once that ends then there is nothing else to do in the game.

With human revolution there arent alot of missions but is it because the missions are complex?

And to complete everything in the game will be around 40hs.

With fallout 4 you can spend over 400h still exploring and still not find everything!

So would you play an open game with missions not so detailed or if mission are deep would you choose that even though there is less then a game which has more? Like Mass effect 2? Alot of missions but very repetitive, just go to place and start wiping out enemy there really is not tactic at all.

Mankind looks better with missions and how you go about doing it but concern that it will finish real quick and nothing left to do? I know you can replay it and try different things but would you replay it even though you know how it ends? Why go through all the dialog again when you already know the story?

And if you played it using a variety of skills then is there a point going through the game full stealth?


11th Oct 2015, 14:48
You should get this game if you like to sneak up behind people and knock them out in non-lethal fashion. Then do that over & over again until the end of the game. Oh and hacking, doing the same hacking mini game like 1000 times.

12th Oct 2015, 01:59
You can also do that with metal gear 5 and fallout 4 non violent means. So any more reasons to choose Mankind over other games?

What excited everyone about the game?
An enormous amount of care has gone into making the theatre feel like a natural place, where vents exist as parts of the architecture, with utility and purpose, rather than convenient shortcuts.

List anymore you know about what makes the game so exciting?

12th Oct 2015, 22:14
mgs5 is boring and simplistic i dun get why u like this convoluted mess
also graphics in fallout 4 are really poor, its more of a shooter too

13th Oct 2015, 13:20
I'd rather pay 40 hours with Human Revolution than 400 playing shallow Skyrim (yep did both) :P

13th Oct 2015, 16:13
Vast as an ocean, deep as a puddle, or vast as a puddle, deep as an ocean? For the record Skyrim is the first one.

14th Oct 2015, 04:56
So open world are shallow in story then? Its why I was thinking of sticking with mankind then other open world games.

I think you better look at the stats with fallout new vegas! It after many years its right on to the top games in steam! So that shows its a really though out game!

And just a shooter you know how many lines of dialog they have? Over 100,000 lines! And the developer still says that even after 400hs he still is finding things! The story is very deep in fallout series the only bad thing about it is that the blood and gore is really in your face.

But the mission in deus is better because it affect the end! There is consequence and that is missing in fallout 4 but they have so much skills to uncover! And their maps are huge to explore. :)

14th Oct 2015, 13:15
you are forgetting that new vegas wasnt done by bethesda