View Full Version : What is the point of Evasion ?

3rd Nov 2014, 17:33
I speak about Reaver save ability. I turned it on,tryed to eat and prophet canceled it with second shot ( not damage was given at all). Why ?!!
It has 20 seconds cooldown and shadow step has only 12.
If you got explosion on you SS will save you. Evasion - nope.
With evasion sometimes you can't get to roof very fast and human will finish you on the edge of roof. SS - no problem.

So if i can't eat under evasion - why this skill even exist ? Most all reavers + 30 lvl use only SS. I don't use it right now,because don't have any money -spend on FX gun .

3rd Nov 2014, 17:40
To dodge bolt-fire.

3rd Nov 2014, 17:52
Thanks, captain obvious...

3rd Nov 2014, 18:14
its to escape the bad situation not to eat in front of enemies

3rd Nov 2014, 18:17
Eating cancels the evasion animation. It also will not block any damage from AoE skills. To answer why a player would want to use it over Shadow step is because it has no warm-up time for the animation. It's a "press 'n' go" ability.

3rd Nov 2014, 18:25
Warm up time is so little what i can't see any point to not use it.
And maybe it cancels animation,but not effect. Is not eating block only by damage ??

3rd Nov 2014, 19:02
Theres no point to it....not since the nerf, 3 seconds is a joke, I kill anyone using it, it takes longer to climb a building and run on the roof till out of sight just like you said...4 seconds worked, and there was always the chance of getting blown up anyway, I use the light bomb, I feel like the devs are listening to much to the player base that want the humans to be just as strong, too much balance can be mundane. just make the vampires super gods and add lots of lens flare to the game to show how powerful they are.......

3rd Nov 2014, 22:18
To dodge bolt-fire.

Thanks, captain obvious...

Obvious question gets obvious answer.

4th Nov 2014, 09:20
I STILL use evasion over shadow step. Why? Because I use my reaver as an initiator and I want the enemy team attacking me. I'll use it as soon as my pounce is disrupted meaning I have plenty of time to get out and will be on at least 600 HP. If everyone uses their AoE abilities on me, sure, I die, but my team moves in with ease.

I think shadow step is a better skill for higher level solo players. It really offers nothing in a team game, though, unless you use it to initiate.

4th Nov 2014, 11:26
i use it to see how badass am i while dodging arrows , bullets against prophet/scout like a boss:cool: or sad as hell when hunter/alchemist starting to do michael bay things :mad2: