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3rd Nov 2014, 14:15
is a good things clans are more and more on nosgoth, is a bad thing when clan member create a 3/4 party and stomp on public server the enemy team composed of random player...

is frustrating and will push away from the game the newbie.

maybe a solution can be reduce to 2 the party...

3rd Nov 2014, 16:42
It does suck for the solo players but you can't punish friends for playing together. Play with some of your friends, join the raidcall server and look for people to play with, or wait for the winter update when they new matchmaking system comes into effect.

You also have in game voip which you can use to coordinate with teammates. It may be laggy but it's better than nothing.

4th Nov 2014, 05:12
friends is a thing, clanmates who play together, use tactics, use a better coordination, is a total different things, start and will be more and more, an issue in publics server...

4th Nov 2014, 16:32
I totally agree with this post, 70% of the time you're playing against a party of 4 level 40.
You have ot reduce number of players in party or add a no party filter to the search.

4th Nov 2014, 16:37
level really doesnt mean as much as people think it does, experiance sure, but that doesnt mean more skillfull. playing with friends is really funand should be included after matchmaking is fixed 4 man parties shouldnt be an issue and even if it still is limiting parties to two players is stupid, i would much rather have a "no party" button/option

5th Nov 2014, 00:03
Please keep in mind that when the new matchmaking system goes live this will no longer be a problem. If you queue as a team you will enter a team queue, if you queue solo then you will queue into your rating bracket. This is a very temporary problem that already has a long term solution.

Also, Sanguise23 is correct in saying that level doesn't determine skill. Level determines time played. For some people this could mean that they are now gods at the game, others have simply played for a very long time and reached max level casually. Reaching level 40 or level 25 on your account or character is simply a time goal for people to achieve and should not reflect their skill level. When matchmaking is released with a rating system then that will help us determine player skill.

5th Nov 2014, 15:52
level really doesnt mean as much as people think it does, experiance sure, but that doesnt mean more skillfull.

mean experience + better gear and this is a HUGE difference...

5th Nov 2014, 18:16
mean experience + better gear and this is a HUGE difference...

only experience the gear isn't any better really all side grades (for the most part) default builds are usually what i use anyway

5th Nov 2014, 18:29

basic hunter bow sucks...

sunlight sucks, light bomb much better

shadow bomb sucks compared to haze

reaver special abilities are mostly better of basic one

abduct is better of kidnap

poison bola si better of bola

infect is much better of backstab


and not only, is also about perks... a 40 level wil have 2/3 perk, specific for a certain class, to suit better his playstyle (with alchemist i have the ammo perk, with hunter the low recoil, and so on... 1 specific for each class), a low level will rely only on daily free perk, who is random, little % will fit really his playstyle...

5th Nov 2014, 18:34
by the time your lv 20 you should have all the things you would use regularly (i consider 20 low lv) on all your classes, basic hunter bow is what i use, light bomb is better usually but blind can be devastating with a good team, Haze looses its charm against good players and smoke becomes better, i prefer abduct but kidnap is more than fine (depends on play style)bolas are even,
infect is better