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3rd Nov 2014, 01:04
seemed a bit short. only 5 days.

3rd Nov 2014, 01:07
I agree. Hopefully it's possible.

3rd Nov 2014, 02:55
Why did it end so early? it is 9:54 pm where I live but the event ended around 9:00 pm EST, Devil's Night shud last till the beginning of Nov 3rd right? I don't understand why it ended prematurely...I was going to get another weapon...sigh

3rd Nov 2014, 03:53
I.. bought an immortal pack as soon as I got home assuming the event was still going on.. Was gonna pick up the last Devil's Nights items.. Would've saved my money or spent it on other games had I known..

So +1 to this request from me!

3rd Nov 2014, 06:06
Even though I highly doubt they would do this, I would also like for a day extension or so. I played quite a bit Saturday to get enough gold to buy one of the items but was just a few hundred short, and couldn't get on at all today due to my sunday D&D gaming session. My buddy mentioned the immortal pack sale so I grabbed it a few minutes ago and was hoping the event was still going on, but it wasn't. It's gonna suck playing with my friends being the only one without one of those items.

3rd Nov 2014, 07:00
I'm just going to repost what i posted on Steam discussions:

Well if somebody here answered my question about when exactly the event is going to end, i would've buy a warband pack last night to get an extra couple of Devil's items. But looks like it is too late now, so screw buying pack.
There are also two (http://steamcommunity.com/app/200110/discussions/0/620695877400113745/) threads (http://steamcommunity.com/app/200110/discussions/0/620695877393751429/) in Steam discussions with people complaining about event ending early.

3rd Nov 2014, 13:33
Why did it end so early? it is 9:54 pm where I live but the event ended around 9:00 pm EST, Devil's Night shud last till the beginning of Nov 3rd right? I don't understand why it ended prematurely...I was going to get another weapon...sigh I’M OF THE SAME OPINION

3rd Nov 2014, 15:45
Admins/Developers/Creators/Game masters/Support!

I have just recently spoke to a support contact and she had been very helpful. She said she would communicate the issues to higher ups and also recommended that I place suggestions/feedback here.

I have only started playing Nosgoth, but like other players, we started to love and want to show our support for it. Some of us even bought Founder's Pack.

I think the game as a whole is great, but I feel that some changes may need to be done or need to be tweaked, such as the Times for Events. I am aware that the game supports a global presence and that times will be inconsistent throughout the world. However, providing a definite time of when an event might end would help us a lot. It will prevent us from feeling like our chance at getting something was ripped/snatched away.

This is regarding the Devil's Night event in particular. Some posts state that the event should run from October 27th, 2014 to Nov 2nd, 2014 and some posts (Game Update) says that the event should end on Nov 3rd, 2014. I think the mismatched times of when an event would end could possibly cause more harm then good. Instead of specifying just the day, maybe include things like time as well as Time Zone. This would undoubtedly help us, as we can figure out what the time is in our respective Time Zone ourselves.

I have read through some of the comments, although it does not represent the whole community in general, I still feel the lack of a solid time when the event will end makes it very difficult for us to know how long we have. I checked one of your posts, and it says Devil's Night the event ends on Nov 3rd.

Image link to the Game update post: http://gyazo.com/f0d878a1d2fec2d585be96943845aa35


Please include time for future events if possible.

As well, a lot of players from the community have spoken out about extending the event for 1 day. I believe it would be best and we would be grateful if you could do it. A lot of us has shown our support and I really hope that you guys could understand the situation from our point of view!

Thank you so much for reading

Loyal player/supporter

3rd Nov 2014, 20:32
Here, too, spoke about it:

4th Nov 2014, 12:56
No word on it, nothing.

4th Nov 2014, 14:54
Hey guys,

Regarding the event start time, this has to coincide with a game update, so couldn't start at the beginning of the day. As the patch time wasn't set in stone, it has hard to communicate the exact start time, but something we will do better next time.

Regarding the end date, I'll share your feedback with the team about that. It wasn't possible to extend it, but it's definitely stuff to bear in mind for the next event. There's definitely stuff that can be improved. so thanks for sharing your feedback on this!