View Full Version : Looking to make Scrim Team!

2nd Nov 2014, 23:20
I am currently looking for 3 to 8 players who are looking to improve their skills and play against some of the best in the game. The idea behind this team, more so a group of players, is to give the teams someone to constantly Scrim against. I am not going to push away anyone who is willing to practice in an attempt to get better! Beyond that I am simply asking for people who have an understanding of the game and have at least something they want to improve on. Also please have a Mic, it greatly helps any team communication or for assistance in learning!

I will not be partaking in any tournaments that are ESL based as I am also volunteer Admin for them. I also will most likely not be partaking in many tournaments going forward as my plan is to Cast and Stream these tournaments out to the community!

If you have any questions or would like to join this group either add me on steam

or simply join up in the PUG mumble, I tend to sit in channels there most of the time anyway!
(Please use your In-game name, or your steam name, when you join this mumble thank you!)
Adress: mumble.folkrobots.com
Port: 9010

3rd Nov 2014, 15:21
One question does this "offer" also apply to EU players just like me? Since most of the teams are NA and high pings are probably not welcome...

3rd Nov 2014, 17:04
This past weekend, NA teams played on EU and I know it interesting (Ping was nearly 200 for some western NA players) but that doesn't mean that I am going to turn away EU players who are interested in getting better at the game. Stop by the PUG mumble and if we have enough interest of EU players we can always just have two teams of players one for EU and one for NA so both sets of teams have someone to scrim against.

4th Nov 2014, 18:38
This is actually the thing I was looking for, playing on a somewhat competitive level, whilst not having to invest as much time as opposed to going "really" competitive (participating in tournaments, joing a team etc. ...)

I'm also EUish btw <.<