View Full Version : Banners

2nd Nov 2014, 19:47
It is not that important but I having bought an immortal founders pack I would appriciate it if I had access to the banners from the other less expansive packs, same goes for people who bought the human or vampire pack back in the days, they should have access to the veteran warlord and warband banners.

3rd Nov 2014, 06:21
I've purchased a Veteran pack at first and then upgraded to a Vampire pack, but I'll have to disagree (as tempting as your suggestion sounds).

Different packs are there for a reason - and each is meant to identify the person in its own way. That's what banners do at the moment. In my opinion, giving higher tier packs that last little piece of content that makes other packs unique will simply make lower tier packs less valuable and rewarding.

I love collecting things myself, but I don't think it'll be fair to others if this change goes through.