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10th Oct 2015, 00:45
Hi NicolasVerge or Developers,

Is there any news about when the next update will be released yet or what will be included in it or if we're even getting another one ??

I'm asking because I've lost my interest in the game since completing all the missions etc. it's slowly but surely got really stale playing the same thing over and over again, I'm hoping that there will be a load of new missions added or a complete new mansion with missions for us to learn and master along with some new rifles to unlock or how about adding some of the ideas that I listed in the other thread a few months back.....You said you liked them !?

Basically, we REALLY need something new to play because once all the missions are completed there's nothing to keep us coming back for too long as there's not even options for us to change the main target to mix things up a little bit.....PLUS I've got millions of in-game cash that I keep earning but nothing to spend it on !!

It's a shame and I hate to say it as I REALLY enjoy this game but it's just worn itself thin with lack of content and there's no-way I'm paying £20 for a gold version of a rifle that's not much different to what I have already, especially when there's nothing else to play for with it.....I wish they had added more missions or something else for us to do instead of adding that Gold rifle in the last update.....What a waste !!

PLEASE tell me that this game isn't completely dead in the water and no more content is being added for us to play for.....If you add some of the ideas I made in the other thread this game would be a lot better for those that have completed it, which I'm guessing is pretty much everyone by now !?!?

Also, I was hoping to see more people coming to interact with this forum as more people started playing BUT the site address needs to be advertised a lot more like I said before.....If you simply added it into the game itself then every player would know where to come, it doesn't need a link in-game, just show the site address to let everyone know it exists, then they can come here via their P.C or Tablet etc......You can see what I mean because the last post before this one was made over a month ago.....Why are you guys letting this great game die off like this !?!?

I look forward to hearing from you soon !!

Thanks in Advance for ANY News or Info !! :cool:

14th Oct 2015, 17:56
Hey there,

The game is not dead, we're working hard on very cool stuff coming along. Unfortunately, as you may have guessed, we're not ready to talk about any of it.

Thanks for being such a devoted fan!