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30th Oct 2014, 15:16
I would assume there's a plan to add bigger game modes, but I feel like that could make this game alot funner. There are plenty of times one person leaves and that really effects the team im on. If there were matches that are 8v8 it would help alot in my opinion. I feel it would make game play feel a little more constant too. Even if there was just 6v6 it might be just as good.

30th Oct 2014, 20:47
I agree, I would like to see that, but i can also see how that might just be too much. everyone fighting in one spot. But I gut you could also split up a bit more too as humans

30th Oct 2014, 20:57
I think thats where the bigger maps could be played more and maybe even new maps. In my opinion if a human team is any good a vamp team with more than one sentinel is pretty screwed with smaller teams.

31st Oct 2014, 02:50
5v5 is possible in private matches, and while fun it's also complete chaos. I think more than 10 players is too much for the size of the current maps.

31st Oct 2014, 03:10
It might turn out to be fun, but it will be complete chaos. People learnt to manage Reaver spam, but I can't see how it's physically possible to avoid 8 x [Chocking Haze].

However, on different maps and on different game modes I imagine it definitely can be quite fun, but I don't think it will be the way the game is set up now.

That being said, in the latest Developer stream it has been announced that there are multiple game modes planned for future release, so I guess we got to wait and see! I'm pretty sure they won't all be 4v4 format.

31st Oct 2014, 14:47
I'd guess that increasing the number of players in a match, would affect the balance between Vampires and Humans. My guess would be that since 1v1 favors Vampires, and 4v4 is about even, then 8v8 would favor humans.

1st Nov 2014, 00:39
There are definetly maps more oriented for humans, like in my opinion that docks level. So I think 8v8 could work well on a map with a medium amount of buildings, around two towers, plus plenty of open space.

3rd Nov 2014, 14:48
Yeah , it will be fun with bigger maps and more players in a match . But 2 vamps attack on 1 humans can just instant kill the prey . Imagine on 8v8 match , there will be no ways u cant save ur teamates fast enough if they are surrounded by 2-3 vamps , same goes for the blood suckers . If one of 'em fail to initiate , there will be dozen arrows stick to his poor ass .