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9th Oct 2015, 15:50
Back in early September, fansites were given the chance to interview Lara Croft GO developers from Square Enix Montreal.

Each fansite prepared questions in advance, which were then read and answered by the developers in a 1-hour conference call. This lengthy interview session allowed us to ask a lot of questions about GO. The fansites then worked together to create the transcript of the interview. There were some audio issues with the conference call, which is why it has taken so long for us to get this feature finished - we wanted to make it as accurate as possible.

I've posted the finished interview on my site, and other fansites will be posting translated versions in various languages shortly - I'll link those all here once they're available!


The participating fansites - they're all awesome, you should check them out! - were:

Alex of TombRaiderWorld.net, Spain
Brandon of TombRaiderHQ.com, Canada
Jacky of TombRaiderPassion.com, Bulgaria
Loic of TombRaiderUnivers.com, France - Review with quotes (http://news.tombraiderunivers.com/post/130825037711/lara-croft-go-review)
Sergio of CroftGeneration.com, Spain

Happy Friday! :)

9th Oct 2015, 21:50
there's that sound from Tomb Raider 1 when you find something and it's like, [imitates sound effect], and it's such a classic sound,

That must have made you lot giggle. I know I would have. :D

My 'question' for the Crystal Compass podcast ended up being answered in this roundtable. Fortunate coincidence, I'd think.

14th Oct 2015, 17:39
The questions have been answered, the podcast recorded and it should be out in the coming weeks!