View Full Version : CmG Looking for a Nosgoth team!

30th Oct 2014, 03:14
Hello! My alias is CmG (My initials ;) )

I'm a Nosgoth player living in Canada, I'm very interested in playing in the upcoming competitive scene and very excited for it as well. Nosgoth is one of the few computer games I've gotten very into and competitive with. Its pretty much the only steam game I've been playing for a while now!

As of right now I have 130 hours played, I'm able to use any type of teamspeak/skype/ventrilo whatever! I have a very powerful computer so no lag on the game whatsoever, I will do my best to work around my schedule to practice a lot with the team that recruits me!

My favorite Human is the Alchemist and my favorite Vampire would be the Tyrant and Deceiver being another class I love. I work very well in team orientated games, I follow directions and have clear communication. :thumb:

Add me on steam and chat with me when I'm online if your interested in recruiting me! I'm very serious about this game and wont disappoint ;)