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30th Oct 2014, 01:50
Hi all!

I made some IRC channels on www.quakenet.org for your convenience.
To use them, navigate to http://webchat.quakenet.org/, set your Nickname to your in-game and enter in one of the following IRC channels into channel.

Alternatively, you can use an IRC client of your choice!

If you're looking for PUGs in Nosgoth, please use this IRC channel:

If you're looking for scrims/PCWs in Nosgoth, please use this IRC channel:

There is also a MUMBLE available for finding scrims, pugs, and just for general use!
The info for that is:
**Please use your in-game name for your Mumble name as well!***

If you want your own channel in Mumble for your TEAM, let myself, or Petire50(Petire on steam) know and we'll get it set up. Just let us know your team name, and if you want it password protected.

Note that these are player/community ran, Nosgoth/Psyonix/Square Enix are no way affiliated with these channels or Mumble. If there is a problem in a channel (or Mumble) and no moderators are online, please private message me here on the forums with a screenshot (if applicable) and a detailed account of what happened.

With that much being said, if you are: disruptive, spamming, flaming, harassing, etc. you may get banned with or without a warning. We follow the same rules as the forums. (Swearing is OK as long as not excessive.) Just be respectful, we are going out of our way to help you guys!


(Cat, Jeremy, if one of you could sticky this I would really appreciate it! :3)

30th Oct 2014, 09:12
Thanks very much!

Question about mumble: Would it be possible to have private channels for teams?

30th Oct 2014, 12:22
Thanks very much!

Question about mumble: Would it be possible to have private channels for teams?

Hi Malga!

I'll discuss this with the Mumble people, so I want to ask if he is comfortable with something like that first, but it shouldn't be a problem. ;)

30th Oct 2014, 14:45
The Raid Call is also being used from the general forums. I don't mind making team rooms on request. That being said, the two servers (mumble vs the raid call) generally have different crowds of people in them, so it might be best to use both instead of one or the other.

30th Oct 2014, 16:56
Alrighty Malga, and others, I'll add this to the main post but we are going to allow team channels. Just let Petire50 (Petire on steam) or me know if you want it password protected, your team name, etc.!