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29th Oct 2014, 16:32
Heavy Hitters Group

Professional Nosgoth gaming group with reserved name with high member average skill level requirement.

We are based in North America.

As of, 10/30/2014 - we are not currently recruiting.

What you can expect:

Positive gaming enviroment.
No surrender group mentality.
Communication is vital.
Minimum age of 18.
High skill requirements.
Frequent Nosgoth activity required.
Small warband group for stronger community.
Private TeamSpeak 3 server.

Closed beta is currently just for fun and won't be taken seriously, however on official release requirements will be mandatory and skill level requirements will be enforced. Naturally, a headset or other means of clear communication is absolutely required. Age is typically non-negotiable, however exceptions have been made in the past.

Any questions you can private message (PM) me directly here or you can visit my Steam profile here (http://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561197997183761/) and add me.

Vae Victis and thanks for reading.

If not interested, please do not pollute thread with off-topic comments, thank you and take care.