View Full Version : Mysterious Item not leveling

29th Oct 2014, 07:02
Hi, i recently had a mysterious compound bow for the scout drop.

I've played several matches with it and it's not gaining xp at all, also it has no visual effect on it.

Can anyone help with this?

29th Oct 2014, 12:46
the xp thing sucks, but if its not getting xp its not gunna have the visual (you have to unlock visual with xp) unless you mean it doesnt even have FX unlock

29th Oct 2014, 13:17
Same happened to me last night. I looted a [Swiftbow] and started playing with it to earn experience. After two games I realised that I didn't earn any at all. The problem turned out to be me simply not equipping the item, as I selected my basic [Swiftbow] instead of the mysterious one while swapping my load-out during the game. Earning experience worked as intended after.

What I did after was going in the Armoury and making sure I equipped the right bow. So yeah, it may sound silly, but double check if you got the right one equipped. Simply sharing my experience, otherwise you got some bug at play.

As per the visual - it will not appear until you reach maximum level with your item (60k total experience, if I recall correctly).

30th Oct 2014, 05:43
It's working now, thanks for the replies :).

Just had to re-equip it and re log a few times.