View Full Version : Which game do you prefer, VII or VIII?

28th Oct 2014, 17:58
Hey guys! I'm currently in the process of editing an informative/debate video about Final Fantasy VII and VIII! I could use all the opinions I can get, and would really love all of this awesome community's support in this!

So tell me, which game do you prefer? Final Fantasy VII or VIII? Why?

Be as detailed and descriptive as you'd like! The more detailed you are, the stronger each side will be!

With your guy's permission, I would like to incorporate some of your responses into the video! If you would prefer I not use your username in the video, please state so and I will not put it in. Your opinions still matter to me though and I will still incorporate them to strengthen one side or the other!

Thank you all so much for your help! Let me know if you have any questions regarding the matter.

5th Dec 2014, 14:31
VIII because:
1. It has less metaphysical mumbo jumbo than VII.
2. Quistis.
3. Squall has the same level of liking than an attack of haemorrhoids, but at the very least he is less emo than Cloud.
4. Quistis.
5. Squall has a gun and a blade combined together instead of Berserk’s blade (by the way, has Cloud ever paid a monthly fee for the loan?). In general, Gunblades are cooler.
6. Quistis.
7. Triple Triad.
8. Quistis.
9. A guardian force with a level crossing (!!) attack.
10. Quistis.
11. The man with the machine gun.
12. Did I mention Quistis?

6th Dec 2014, 12:27
I personally prefer VIII over it. I feel it is better in almost every way. But I also love VII very much. Both are all-time favs.

14th Feb 2015, 18:58
Hi allyxthexninja, how are you?

I’m still waiting to see your video!

28th Jul 2015, 14:49
I hate ff8 and ff7 is way better by a million fold