View Full Version : Devil's Night update feedback - that's more like it

28th Oct 2014, 15:01
Okay, Psyonix, if you read the rant (http://forums.eu.square-enix.com/showthread.php?t=17567) I made last week (and I really hope you have), you know that I was highly dissatisfied with what Nosgoth was like at that moment, despite being in love with the game since Alpha. So Devil's Night is here and what do I think?
Either I have gotten lucky (or it's just that I took it as a rule to piggyback strong players), but my game experience has gotten better. Don't know if you tweaked anything or not. On to the Devil's Night additions:
- UI has gotten prettier, but you gotta move the "Match starts in..." text back down, it's barely visible against light background.
- Devil's Items - a great idea, nothing to complain about here.
- Noscam - was a very pleasant surprise and is a pretty damn cool thing to have. Kudos!
- Private matches - now that's a big one. The fact that we can make them is, put it simply, AWESOME. Seriously, this is great. Playing with friends against friends. And yes, you have to play public to earn gold and XP, but still, it's really-really cool that they are. That's a paid-game quality (forgive me for not having a high quality standard for F2P titles, you know what they usually are like. Nosgoth once again defies those standards).

Noscam - in one match it followed one of my teammates instead of me. Could there be a way to switch followed players?
Mysterious Devil's Items - droprate is lower than my self-esteem.
Others: I once saw the game credit a Hunter for using a swiftbow. Credit mistake/hack?

Overall: I am happy with this update. If Nosgoth goes on Steam Halloween Sale, I might be getting the Immortal Pack.

28th Oct 2014, 16:56
*Psssst* low drop rate makes mysterious items - mysterious.
Imo 1 per 50-100 matches is great.

29th Oct 2014, 06:01
*Psssst* low drop rate makes mysterious items - mysterious.
Imo 1 per 50-100 matches is great.

Nope, their mysterious properties make them mysterious, droprate makes them rare and since Devil's items are only dropping in this event, aren't they already rare?