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7th Oct 2015, 19:14
Hey guys!

I was browsing through the forumsearch and noticed how you all hyped FF and CT... but where is one of the gems Enix made back in the days? I'm talking about TERRANIGMA. It was challenging, gave some freedom in decisionmaking, let you explore on your own and had one of the best stories imho. Now, I really don't see SE making any profit out of it but a decent remake would be very nice, a nice gesture to the fanbase. The original is brilliant and in itself perfect, but remakes of the classics were awesome *.* I really think the kids nowadays are missing out on that games... I still get my old SNES out of the box and enjoy playing it ^^ So plretty pleeeeeeeeeease consider bringing the old games back with a bit polish <3

any thoughts on this?