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27th Oct 2014, 00:49
Hello, I've just started playing the game (had it sitting on my library since August but didn't get to try it until this weekend) and I'm already in love with it.

I like the graphics, the voices, the music and the animations but what I love about this game is its asymmetric nature (humans relying on ranged attacks while the vampires have to get close and personal with melee abilities) coupled with the tactical nature of 4v4 matches (please do not increase the player count to something ridiculous like 8v8 or more).

The game seems to be pretty well balanced and I have no complains about this section.

All that said I'll get to the parts of the game that I had problems with or that I think that can be improved.

First and foremost is the matchmaking (I'm referring to the "New Recruit" mode specifically since I'm yet to try the other modes.

I'm not sure what's the real problem behind it (dunno if the playerbase is low right now or if there are technical problems with the server or the algorithm used to match players, etc.) but I'm under the impression that I've spent more time sitting in lobbies than I've actually spent playing this awesome game. One positive point about the matchmaking is that it has been pretty balanced so far and I had no problems with stacking team whatsoever!

The HUD is serviceable for the most part (it's not cluttered and I like the clean design) but I fell that there are some features missing like:

*Mouse over tooltips in-game for the abilities and other HUD items (take the way Smite does it as example)

*Melee and dodge meters/timers (or something to let me know when I can dodge/melee instead of having to keep bashing the keys hopeless)

*Always on-screen enemy team status. Just like we have our team members portraits with health/status (dead or alive) but for the member of the enemy team (again, take Smite as example)

*Corpse timer/meter to show us if it's worth to rush in and feed on it

Now, last but not least I have a couple of suggestions to the gameplay:

*I would like to see a little twist on the Humans gameplay in the form of burning deceased team mates' bodies negating Vampires the life recharge. This way it would add a whole new level of interactivity to improve the team work and make the team stick together

*Add freelook mechanic (hold ALT for example to move only the camera) to the Sentinel to improve its situational awareness. It feels very frustrating to keep making sharp turns to search for the action mid-flight just to hit a wall heads first :(

Well, that's it for now. I'll add more latter if I find something else of note.

Thanks for the awesome game, I'm having a blast playing it! :D

28th Oct 2014, 13:35
As for the User Interface i.e. the new look of the Lobby, I certainly have some strong impressions to share.

1. The letters behind player names are ridiculously (and uncomfortably) small now, do they really need to be that tiny?
2. The chat box is also a miniature - with that much room to spare, why shrink it at all?
3. The colors of the banners are becoming more and more bland and watered down after each redesign - why? Where is the contrast?
4. The whole Lobby page looks as if it's compressed to leave room for ... What exactly?

Is it really necessary for the players to squint in order to see things clearly in the game interface? Or is it better to make it as easy to view, read and use as possible? I am guessing it's the latter. Actually, I hope it is.

So, please, oh please, make things bigger. Thank you! http://forums.eidosgames.com/images/icons/icon14.gif

28th Oct 2014, 23:02
I agree with your points.
I'm not a fan of the new lobby either, some unnecessary changes and a lot of empty spaces.