View Full Version : Werewolves - Expansion into other fields?

26th Oct 2014, 12:39
To whom it may concern,

Have you ever considered expanding your games into the theme of werewolves? Like, utilizing a werewolf’s shapeshifting abilities to fight enemies, and then using your human form to get into small spaces or hide from sight?

Because I find the market for werewolf focused video games severely lacking, and I think it would be an opportunity to be utilized. The few video games about werewolves out there tend to be either out of date, or portraying the werewolf as the antagonists for the player. I think, given the success of the unnamed other werewolf game, where the player transforms back and forth from player to wolf, that players very much enjoy that element of gameplay of having to strategize between human and wolf as they play.

I urge you to consider this opportunity to explore this area of gaming, and to possibly integrate it into future games.

Yours truly,

Catherine Trogani