View Full Version : In-game Consumables, "power-ups", etc

6th Oct 2015, 16:38
If these ideas already were discussed sorry that i didn't find any related topics.

Been thinking for a while about the implementation of consumables and how it would affect the game. The current way the game works for me personally is kind of static in the way that everyone has some preset of abilities that is fairly balanced and nothing can happen in the middle of the match that gives advantage to one of the sides or a particular player (aside from sudden lucky moment that comes from the player himself). Of course i'm all for fairness and balance in game, but i believe that implementation of the item system could work to enrich and add some more depth to the experience and it can be done in a way that is not too random or overpowering. I don't have a specific idea of how it should work, just some thoughts.

Imagine if any human class could carry one consumable item that spawns at a random healing station. Probably it should be indicated on the map (voila, you now need to look at the map) when one of these items was spawned. This gives the human team some kind of a goal to gain a little advantage over the vampires. The types of items i am thinking of could be:
- healing stuffs (to youse on yourself or a teammate);
- temporary weapon enhancement (poison/bleeding, fire rate, one clip with increaced capacity, explosive shots);
- temporary protection from staggers, etc;
- ammo pack (drop on the ground to provide 1 ammo replenish);
- blood poisoning (this one is a little weird. Could also work as a skill for prophet to use on other bodies. Basically if you die after using this - your corpse will be poisoned and could damage wampires or will just restore wery little HP when they eat you);
- any other stuff you can come up with and justify within the game setting.

For the vampires it's a litte more complicated. I honestly don't know what would be the analog of consumables for them or where would they find them. Maybe you have a suggestion? :rolleyes:

Well you got the idea what i am talking about. Obviously not everyone would like this stuff as it adds some element of random advantage. What do you guys think?