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25th Oct 2014, 09:07
It's quite clear that humans are more range-focused and vampires are more melee/hit-and-run focused, however, what occured to me after a number of matches is that humans' playstyle is much less varied. Basically they have to stick together and shoot well. However in melee situation they are often helpless when there are several vampies attacking, because there is absolutely NO way to run away from a vampire (their regular attacks allow to catch up with even a sprinting human), and humans' guns aren't powerful enough to kill a vampire attacking in close quarters.

So we either need slightly more powerful guns for humans (I've often felt they are underpowered) or better kiting options. Maybe faster sprinting or better rolling or some kind of melee defense.

I have been in too many matches where a team playing as vampires wins the match easily and then just as easily loses when switching to humans to think that it's a coincidence. It's obviously easier to deal damage as vampires, but I don't think they're OP, I just believe that humans need better defensive options.

25th Oct 2014, 09:57
I don't know ur Lvl but mostly in later game matches the humans win...
Especially in early Lvl's the human team fails to cover each other... most of them think they can Solo a vamp or 2... (it is indeed possible..) but that is not the intention of the game...
May I ask which Class u're using ?
For example, scouts are rly hard to handle in close range.. but with knives and trap u get a double stun chance... and then it is indeed possible to defent ur self against an attacking Vamp (still the hardest one to pull off in my opinion)

But as said earlier this situation should be prevented at all costs... the best way to kill something as humans is if 2 or more humans shoot the same target.
For example u and ur teammates get attacked by 4 vampires... in an ideal situation u use bola to block the Vamp that is attacking u... and another team mate does the same with his Vamp... At this point it is for the next 3-4 sec's 4 vs 2...
If u manage to kill atleast 1 of these 2 ur after that still 3vs4...

The real problem is that the least human teams play that way...

But if Psyonix would add possibilities for every human class to kill a Vamp in a 1on1 fight... Vampires would stand no chance in higher lvls...
So they want the humans to learn to help each other to survive :)

Sry, for my bad english...

25th Oct 2014, 10:14
Thanks for your reply. Yes, it's true that there are some disabling abilities, and I'm not saying that it's a good idea to make humans more powerful in general, I don't think that vampires are overpowered. I just feel that humans could use more evasive techniques, and my reasoning is very simple: if you are a vampire and you are against a human and, let's say, you don't have a lot of HP left, you can EASILY avoid a fight -- just activate your defensive ability (all vampires have one) and run up a wall. However, if you are a human and you are dragged into a 1-on-1 fight while you don't have a lot of HP, you simply cannot avoid it, there is no way run hide. You may be able to stun the attacker for like 1 second but that won't help to run. Of course humans aren't supposed to be able to apply hit-and-run tactics as vampires are, but I feel it's a little wrong that they can't save themselves in a melee.

25th Oct 2014, 18:10
Whole idea of the asymmetric teams is that vamps are superior in mobility and melee combat, humans have the advantage of being ranged and are more easily able to focus fire. The problem you are describing is by design and not a problem at all in my experience.

25th Oct 2014, 19:37
No. The humans already have too many stun and crowd control. And no we don't need more powerful guns. In fact, Humans need a nerf / vampires a slight buff to their health.

25th Oct 2014, 21:18
Ranged weapons + kiting = Invincibility vs melee characters

There would be absolutely no way for a vampire to ever win versus a skilled human. It'd be a gamebreaking error by design. The real problem you're trying to describe is the general overabundance of certain tactics, and the difficulty that comes from defeating such tactics due to the game being a bit too clunky and not responsive enough.

26th Oct 2014, 05:35
Humans are already too good. The game is designed in a way that you're supposed to get owned as a human if you are swarmed by vampires in melee range. Against high skill humans, vampires are much harder to play since it's hard to engage against a human team that has good aim and positioning where they're covering each other really well.
Range OP.