View Full Version : Syncing...(rant)

24th Oct 2014, 18:41
Why? Why syncing? WHY?
Sometimes, even a blue screen of death would be more forgiving.
Indeed, its beta time and somehow that should call for a forgiving note. But it doesn't.
Why is it needed. Why does it need to update status during gaming time?
Why does it have to update armory? All i have is a bow and a dirty pair of socks.
I've seen this happen with "Hawken" and the syncing was like nails on a chalkboard. It was silent, and it was there for no apparent reason.
Educate me please. Is there no other way to keep count of player astonishing feats of randomness other than the painful syncing? Its not that it last too much, or that it lags or crashes the game. Its the fact that its there, every time i enter or exit something.
WHY is it there?
Take that and add it to some random crashes and limited gaming time and you might find yourself with a few not so happy players. No one wants to spend their last 20 minutes of game time thinking they are going to wait for syncing on every click they make. Its not necessarily bad. Its annoying, for no apparent reason.

Oh, and now its unable to connect to Online suite. So i'm guessing it can't SYNC. Fantastic. Its not that the game isn't worked on. Its not that kind of a rant. I love the art, i enjoy the gameplay (said that having just minutes ago exited a 1v4 match. Painfull, but thats life), but then again i have to stare at that syncing again and again. An explanation would be deeply appreciated.