View Full Version : Congrats, you done broke it (rant)

24th Oct 2014, 14:59
The last update completely and utterly screwed the game right in the ear. Throughout last week I had five, FIVE matches I can call good. A week. Seven days. Five matches. It's actually rather impressive how you managed to break matchmaking that SUCKED TO BEGIN WITH. Bottom of the barrel was so long ago I don't even remember what it looked like. What the hell is wrong with you? You delay the only thing that actually matters 'til the open beta and waste time and programmers on needless stuff like Mysterious Items and Halloween events and whatnot. Newsflash: no point in making ways to monetize the game IF ITS GODDAMN UNPLAYABLE. A part of it - a big part of it- is matches in progress. Joining them seems to be deliberately designed so I can't refuse them - BUT I BLOODY SHOULD BE ABLE TO REFUSE THEM. As I said in another thread, when I go to a cafe, I expect being served a fresh dish and not someone's leftovers. I don't want to play a match that's most likely already goddamn lost. I should at least - AT THE VERY GODDAMN LEAST - have a counter to see, if it's a match in progress. I'm tired as all motherloving hell to constantly be the other team's whipping boy. Why the bloody hell should I be anyone's whipping boy? ME?! That's not what I play games for. I play games to feel awesome. And you manged to rob your game of that. And without it, it's worth nothing. I bought a Warlord pack a month ago. A month ago it was a worthy purchase. A month ago it made sense. Now - it doesn't. The boost is gone and now it wouldn't me any good anyway. The chests both gave me Disguise, which is the definition of ability that never needed an "Uncommon" or "Rare" variation and the banner at first was autoequipping without me wanting it, now I have to equip it myself every damn time. It wasn't a big spend, and I felt like I wanted to buy something more, maybe some skins or something, but now I regret spending even that on the game that goes out of its way to make me as miserable, as horrible, as bad as possible. The hit detection needs fixing (and a lot of it). The **** sentinel landing during Abduct needs fixing. Balance doesn't even needs fixing BECAUSE THERE ISN'T ANY. There is no better metaphor for the imbalance that Kain's refusal of the sacrifice have brought into his land than the current state of Nosgoth.
I ADORED Nosgoth ever since Alpha. When the Beta came out, I told everyone how great the game is, how it is well thought-out and well-crafted. I recommended it to everyone, I felt proud, priveleged to be in it. But you broke the game and I feel nothing. And I feel embarassed when I think that my friends may actually play it now and see it for what it is now. And this is extremely sad.
I know this rant will go in vain. But I can still hope.
RT out.