View Full Version : USER INTERFACE A couple of Suggestions

23rd Oct 2014, 21:18
Hey guys.

I've been playing quite a bit, both solo and with 1 or 2 team mates, and something that's come up, especially for humans when vamps are coming from all directions, is co-ordination.

A couple of things I thought might be a (subtle) solution.

- A compass marker, showing the direction you're facing (N,S,E,W).
When you're in a group, you're likely all keeping an eye out for incoming Vamps, so if you say "To the left..." that can be pretty confusing, so Having a reliable directional marker could be helpful.
I know it can be worked out from the minimap, but having an icon showing the direction you're facing makes it a lot quicker, and you dont have to pull away from the main screen.
I envisioned this at the very top of the screen.

- A call out system, for quick messages to team mates.
Again, this is a team game, and co-ordination is vital, being able to call out the directions, or saying "on me", "ready?" etc. could give a PuG some semblance of a chance against people on comms together.
I'm aware this could get annoying with people spamming it, but i guess that's what mutes are for?

Those were just a couple of things i could think of to help co-ordination.
Any opinions welcome.

24th Oct 2014, 11:53
I use the map for the compass.. Facing up is north, down is south etc... as for the callouts, I'd love this, especially is yu could have like "Group up at The Barrakcs" (Callout on Sommerdam). I'm usually on TS to my team anyway so it doesn't really matter to me anyway

24th Oct 2014, 11:59
The teammates names can sometimes shrink too small. There needs to be a minimum size so they don't disappear completely when too far away. If it annoys some players, just make it togglable. Also show teammates ability loadout somewhere in game.

Also an icon should appear by the person doing the callout that was mentioned. It's no good heating "come hear" if you can't tell which direction that is.