View Full Version : Describe each Organization member with a flavor of sea-salt ice cream!

8th Oct 2012, 05:14
Spare no detail, if you prefer.

Since I'm starting things off here I thought I'd pick Lexaeus.

And what better flavor would describe him than "Rocky Road".

I can already see you rolling your eyes - but fear not, I won't leave you with one mere Earth-elemental entendre.

Crunchy crags of peanuts,
Sweet slag of chocolate ice cream,
Marble-colored marshmallow throughout,
And that's all there is to it!

13th Mar 2013, 07:26
Axel with what better then Fire Fighters Delight a super spicy and hot Ice-cream that will leave you in tears and running for water.


28th May 2013, 13:39
Sea-salt for all of them considering the fact that sea-salt is the flavor of the ice cream by default.