View Full Version : NEW Animations =D

22nd Oct 2014, 14:33
I was sitting and looking at Nosgoth streams and I got an idea when I watched the streams.
For one thing Id like to see a new kind of animation on abilities.
THis thread could be used to discuss and talk about the abilities and animations.

Starting with Takeoff Sentinel ability.
At the moment this abilitys animation is a crouch and a jump straight into the air. This makes me actually think of Superman since apparently the Vamp is so strong that he jumps that high and powerful, but this isnt the case.

So The new kind of animation for this could perhaps be the Sentinel raising his wings and then with a powerful Wingflap launch himself into the air.

And this could be the animation that makes sence since this also breaks bolas and CC. The dmg this ability causes is then more beautified by the shockwave from the wingflap.

22nd Oct 2014, 16:16
not trying to argue but how do you know they dont just jump? I have no issue with this either way

22nd Oct 2014, 16:32
Raziel could high jump even with the bones ripped out of his wings.