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22nd Oct 2014, 11:57
I was doing the survey and I thought of a way to give more in depth to the game. Especially when it comes to teamplay and abilitys usage (and having fun with using the abilitys properly with your teammates).

How about a Cross Class Ability System that will make abilitys complement each other.
Yes you can mind **** a guy and let him run towards your sentinel. But this is just proper teamwork ... and will work with everything expect the fact is it doesnt really complement each other.

But how about this. Having 1 ability making the other stronger or giving it addiotinal affects. However to keep things balanced also give a negative, you know just like weapon stats and in the end it will just be a personal and situational benefit (or if done wrong a negative). For example: Having a healing circle of a Alchemist and adding a Eldritich shield of the prophet to 1 guy. When the guy with the shield is in the healing circle will make him radiat the shield to everbody in the circle or few feet around him...but making the shield weaker.
Another example: Having the sentinel be able to pick up a Tyrant and making the tyrant be able to use the jump ability to be launched from the sentinels position for extra impact and overview (maybe speed). And as a down side, making the tyrant be impacted by damage by being slower or not able to move/stunned or making the Sentinel wear/exhausted from carrying the tyrant.

In addition for a future options that might work well with this. Giving abilitys the "ability" (just like rare abilitys might give you +5movement speed) to be able to pick up a tyrant and negative like something less flying speed, less climbing altitude speed. (just ideas)

So guys, I just came with a few examples.... I will come with more, I have some in my head right now. But I'm really curious on how the community feels about this idea. I would love to hear some feedback. But please for sake of this post. DONT go *****ing about the ideas I made up ...... these were just examples, cracking them down won't make less of my idea rather crack down the inability to make this balanced or whatever. I do welcome other ideas!

So in conclusion a Cross Class Ability system, I think, may add alot of 1. In Depth in the game and ability system 2. Add alot of teamplay value 3. Add alot of competetive value 4. more joy in slaughtering your enemies with epic combos 5. playstyles for all types of players. But yes there has to be a balance I know, this is something that needs alot of thought but I know its possible!