View Full Version : What was your family or friends' impression when you showed them KINGDOM HEARTS?

8th Oct 2012, 04:52
Thread title is rather self-explanatory.

So what did they have to say? Don't be embarrassed to share any funny moments. I don't have anything more exciting than a confused look from my brother and a short head-nod from my friend.

How did you try to explain the game to them, or even the story?!

8th Oct 2012, 13:52
The usual response I get when I try to explain the game to others is that they can't believe a keyblade can be used as a weapon. Very typical considering that guns/knives/swords make up the most common weapons category haha.

One time I went with my dad to get my badge for AX, we saw a Sora cosplay. My dad was like "Oh it's that spiky haired guy with the keyblade," with a weird look on his face xD

8th Oct 2012, 14:14
The closest thing I could recall was watching a gameplay vid on youtube of KH2 Final Mix+ in a computer lab at my college during break, and a fellow classmate had been watching for a couple of minutes. The scenes was showing Genie and Sora fighting against one of the CoM Org. XIII members in that virtual battle thing...? Anyways, they guy just gave me a weird look and afronted, I just said "what? D:", lol. That's pretty much it.

Aside from that, a girl at work was sitting next to me during break and I was playing BbS, I was just gonna skip the intro, but she told me to wait, 'cause she liked the pretty graphics, lol.

28th Feb 2013, 22:09
Just mentioning what Kingdom Hearts is about to some of my friends was pretty priceless! Some of them really thought I was crazy, and gave me weird looks lol Though when I first got KH and played it, my two little sisters and cousins really loved it! (Though my older sister doesn't like that game and dislikes when I play it T_T).... So I'm very lucky to have some family that understands the love for this game XD I'm also guilty of getting some of my other friends into this series! haha I've also been lucky to just mention KH and get a wild reaction from some people that also have played the games :3

So overall

People who have never heard of it= Wtf are you taking about?


3rd Mar 2013, 00:42
A friend of mine was designing a paper game to be played on-line with our firends, and asked each of us what kind of weapons we'd like to use. I was playing BbS at the time and gave her keyblade as my weapon, showed her some pictures and a short description of what it does. Her reaction: Damn, that looks invincible...