View Full Version : USER INTERFACE 3rd Person Camera Switch function, crosshair right->left

22nd Oct 2014, 05:56
In another F2P game called All Points Bulletin which is also a 4v4 3rd person shooter, there is a function which lets you switch the cross hair positions, thus let's you adjust to then environment and improves aiming around left corners.

Paint illustration:

While Nosgoth is certainly not APB, i am not quite sure how a feature like this would impact gameplay in Nosgoth. As it is now every character is right handed, which makes you approach from certain angles or straight on to achieve hits, which adds to the overall tactical note.

But having the freedom to switch the crosshair position, would add even more freedom to the gameplay and would finally let's you adjust to left corners.

So what do you think about that? APB seem to be the only 3rd person game which offers such function and imo it really enhances gameplay overall. Would be interesting how this f eature would translate to Nosgoth.

22nd Oct 2014, 07:42
I personally love this idea. The first thing I did when I played Nosgoth was attempt to change the viewpoint at a corner. I think it would be a natural addition to the game, since it doesn't affect balance, but provides something useful to all players equally.