View Full Version : How should your way until a game starts look like in league games (lobby)

4th Oct 2015, 18:42
I wanted to make a thread about this a longer time now... today I am going to do it.
It´s just how I would like to see it, if anybody is intrested or has another suggestion, feel free to post your suggestion.
At the end they can pick what they like best, if they ever change it. I will not discuss if anybody does, just want this as a collecting thread, so they might have kind of a model, how it should look.

Imo it should start searching whenever you push the "play ranked" tab.
The screen you get when you search, until you authenticate and find a lobby, should stay the same..
and it should stay on that searching screen all the time, until you start loading the game.
Players should be let into a lobby only about all 10 sec...and it should only say authentication/entering lobby and still stay on the search screen and say "in lobby". ---> this should make it a bit more different to queue together
From that moment on, until the lobby is full, players should be able to still leave the lobby, but whenever the countdown starts, it should be locked.
And there should be no way to see when the countdown starts, so players will not know until when they can leave and will only do it, if they have to.

Another thing is the region, which is ofc an issue.
I personally don´t wanna discuss this here, cuz I think, it has nothing to do with the problem of the lobby itself.
But as I am speaking about it, maybe there should be some kind of rotation, so that in hot times, for example eu players have to play over there sometimes...and others sometimes have to play here...like every third match maybe.
Something like that. And yes I know, it will be even a bigger problem for some regions like this, it was just a random suggestion.
But as far as I know, ppl from eu can only go to us east.
And that is how it´s meant, that you just jump to your next region... and you will be forced to do it from time to time, to keep it kinda fair for all regions. I am not sure where all the servers are btw.
At least as long as we are all playing together, which as it looks like, will be like this some time.

That´s about it from my side.
Sorry if the english is kinda bad, I am just a german guy.


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