View Full Version : MISC. Point loss system

4th Oct 2015, 18:13
The point loss system is not a deterrent at all. Yes you loose a few points and get banned for a while, but you can gain those lost points back in one good match. I have had 6 of my ranked matches become unbalanced do to a player leaving because we were loosing by a few kills. They get banned for 10 minutes, loose a few points, and then are back on again making those points back in no time. It is an ineffective system. Its a good idea, it just needs to be reworked and fine-tuned.

5th Oct 2015, 06:54
They need to let us reconnect to a ranked game after disconnecting and make a system that doesn't punish people too harshly if they crash or disconnect by accident. Other than that, I agree. It's laughable how many people are leaving halfway through a lost match. Perhaps add a surrender option too.