View Full Version : 2 bugs i found on new update

19th Oct 2014, 09:43
5v3 match. Humans had 5 players and vamps 3. On the second round it sorted itself out, or someone quit...

the second issue im not gonna bother with now cuz u make it a mission to upload images....

19th Oct 2014, 12:06
Did you happen to catch the name of the server?

19th Oct 2014, 13:02
Seen 5v3 on the lobby screen just before start but always ends up being 4v4 in game when checking at the start of the first round.

Was this just this scenario or did you actually have 5 on one team for the entire round?
Any screenshots (or it didn't happen!) :D

20th Oct 2014, 08:24
I have screen shots of both bugs, but i can only put up a URL of the screenshot. Mission! It was 5 humans playing vs 3 vampires. Was a fun match :P

20th Oct 2014, 11:53
another bug i found was being stuck in walls. I jumped onto a ledge, rolled forward and was the stuck to the wall. Only way out was with shadow step. This has happened twice, and only after the new update. Not saying that these issues are from the new update, Iv just only experienced them since it came out

20th Oct 2014, 18:18

20th Oct 2014, 19:45

The "EXPIRED" stamp only appears when i scroll down. But if i equip it, its shows "EXPIRED" in the loadout