View Full Version : Camera Bug?

18th Oct 2014, 23:54
Since the newest patch (on the 14th of October) I've been having an occasional odd bug, where my camera view just keeps tilting upward even if I do not touch the mouse. Its kind of like how on the N64 and such if you were holding the analog stick as a screen was loading it would reset its base position to that point and would scroll uselessly, except I can't easily seem to figure out the cause or solution to this problem. It makes it impossible to play as I have to fight my character's inclination to even try to spot the enemy team.

I'm using a Razer naga and I've been trying to fix the game by reopening it, messing with mouse settings, playing with the in game settings, restarting my computer, etc. Only thing that has worked for me (once) so far is if I change the usb port the mouse is plugged into it will reinstall the driver and that sometimes works...

This problem seems to effect me on no other game I own so far, and when testing it in the tutorial, if I changed the viewing options to inverted instead of leaning back my character suddenly became super interested in the floor.

Anyone else encounter this problem? Any ideas on how I can fix it? Any help would be appreciated.

19th Oct 2014, 02:44
Nm ._. figured out my problem.