View Full Version : Upgrading the UI for competitve play

2nd Oct 2015, 14:52
Now that my little Nosgoth is all grown up, its getting a competitive league play mode. In order to better accommodate the competitve playing mindset, I think the UI needs a significant upgrade/overhaul. For now, 2 things immediately come to mind.

- First of all, I think voice chat needs to be more encouraged and when someone is using their mic, there should be a little icon or their avatar in the upper left should glow, something to that effect. This would save space as well as increase communication levels and let players in a team know exactly who's talking.

- Second, the fist round score should also be displayed when you press tab in the second round. it could be just a tiny space in a corner showing only the overall team ending score or it could be half the screen set aside to show these. Regardless, its a necessary feature so that playstyle can be adapted according to your first round score.

If anything else comes to mind, Ill be sure to post it here!