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2nd Oct 2015, 11:22

I know human interactions are highly personal and more often than not very complicated, so what I'm about to bring up might be a bit complex.

I have wondered when I was playing through Life is Strange for the first time why I do what I do to the people I encounter in the game and what my feelings are towards them, so here is a bit of a compilation. (more or less in the order I run into these people)

Mr. Jefferson. :
Given that I have never know a person even similar to him it's been quite difficult to get an idea about him, but what I did pick up pretty early is that he is very intelligent, some what eccentric and (imo) funny. I was a bit shocked when you start getting tips of what he is really up to.

Victoria :
I found her quite sad indeed, but I always got the notion that she has the urge to stay in charge as annoying as I find those people, but I think this is where our future leaders come from right?

Warren :
I find him kinda cute, love stricken teen. I do find him amusing, though some of his behavior gets on my nerves.

Nathan :
This one is a bit of a mystery to me. I've met several people that share of some his darker characteristics and given that experience I treated him with a lot of disrespect. I was a bit shocked when I was thinking about my interactions with Nathan from 1 to 4 that they where solely based on my own prejudices. I also have some regrets about letting Warren pummel him...

Victoria :
I found her quite sad indeed, but I always got the notion that she has the urge to stay in charge as annoying as I find those people, but I think this is where our future leaders come from right?

Chloe : I'm not sure where to start with this one. I see a person that is trying to make her life right but keep faltering, I am not sure where. I also noted she really doesn't do anything to advance her plans at all and I belief that Rachel is not present has a lot to do with this, though when Max enters the picture, I noted that Chloe becomes more hopeful. I do question how she reacts to the adversity she faces (from David for example), though alienating people is often the reaction of people that are similar to Chloe (at least I see this same thing in myself). All in all I feel somewhat sorry for her.

David Madsen :

I found this character a strange when I first ran into him properly when he has harassing Kate, though I'm a bit doubtful with using that word. I do think he is well meaning, but given his background is unable to socially interact with people in a constructive manner. With all the things you see what he is up to with the security cameras and gathering information on people is well meant on his part. It also shows a bit he cares a lot about Chloe and Joyce, even though Chloe doesn't see it that way due to how socially inept David, but Joyce has see other sides of him. I think David will have a important role to play soon enough.

There is one thing I have wondered about a bit, after all of this is done, how do you think Max will come out of all of this ?

Given the fact Max has the power to rewind and alter the timeline just slightly, wouldn't that change how Max sees certain people ? I think if she you have one conversation that would end up negatively for her and she would just rewind, she will still hold the memories of the conversation that didn't actually take place. I think the scene in the junk yard with Max and Chloe playing with gun and getting, or if you kill Frank and his dog, rewind and do it "right". I think these kind of events would leave Max a bit troubled in the long run.

Since the time I granted alternative Chloe her wish and using the picture to make things "normal" again, having payed attention to the dialog between Max and Chloe, Max's willingness to help Chloe without really considering the consequences or her own well being, I am a bit inclined Max does to some extent has a lot of love for Chloe.
I wonder if I am the only one to pick this up ?

KD. :cool:


If you feel like sharing your personal interactions with characters/event, go for it :)