View Full Version : Bug in server level balance system.

18th Oct 2014, 09:52
I've noticed that lately there has been lots of team with 3x40 lvl player and last one+20 lvl. While u look at other teams roster there's 3 guys under lvl 30. How does game calculate fair balance in this? There's also lots of different other variations from unfair balance what just hits the eye.

Imho it's game breaking for new players that they play against high leveled team, while their team has most players under 20. It's not fun for anyone (cept the highly experienced players) to play match where both rounds end up 30-6 and the reason for this to happen is unfair balance with teams.

20th Oct 2014, 09:51
Many high lvl players also abuse the balance by rejoining lobby before game starts.. I've noticed this happens very often with lvl 40 players if they get tossed in the lower lvl team. They just press "exit" and search for game fast again and get back in the lvl 40's team, cuz the balance already made it's moves before high lvl comes back..